Vineet Chandra: The Alumni Special

Dear readers,

During my four years at the University of Michigan, the Michigan Journal of International Affairs has thrived as a bastion of thought and debate in the realm of international affairs on our campus. We have hosted world class panelists – the best our university has to offer – and our writers have stepped up in a big way to highlight the most important issues of today and cast a spotlight on the fomenting problems of tomorrow. I feel immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to play my part in the long journey of our journal. Something about the basic commitment and promise of our organization – that students have a unique ability and obligation to tell the most important stories of our time – remains addicting to me, just as it is to many others who have written for the journal.

Over the past few months, I have spoken to numerous members of our staff, past and present, who have remarked on how they would very much like to contribute to our journal from time to time after they have left our undergraduate community. This idea itself is not new; all of the Editorial Boards I have had the privilege of serving on have pondered this idea, and have struggled with the balance of allowing our alumni to contribute constructively to our publication while ensuring enough opportunities for the current members of our staff to write. Now, in collaboration with incoming Editor-in-Chief Anna Haynes, I am pleased to offer a solution.

I am excited to announce our first annual Alumni Special. As a part of our summer coverage in the weeks to come, you’ll hear from some of our most distinguished alumni on issues they feel merit discussion. Look out for pieces from former Editor-in-Chief Julia Jacovides, outgoing Managing Editor Meghan Rowley, former Editor-in-Chief Leslie Teng, former Managing Editor Elisabeth Brennan, former Editor-in-Chief Ali N. Habhab, and more.

It has been the greatest privilege of my time at the University of Michigan to serve as this publication’s Editor-in-Chief. I look forward to seeing where the incoming Editorial Board takes us next and supporting their efforts in any way I can, perhaps someday as a contributor to this very series.

Vineet Chandra graduated as Editor-in-Chief of the Michigan Journal of International Affairs in April 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and a Minor in Business Administration. He returns to the University of Michigan in August to pursue his Juris Doctorate. He can be reached at

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