The Watchlist: A Letter from the Editorial Board

Over the last few months here at the Michigan Journal of International Affairs, we have been working to make ourselves more accessible to you, our readers. We have committed ourselves to hosting more panels on global issues for the University community, and we have pushed for an increased online presence. We have been lacking, however, in the consistency of our online engagement. With this in mind, we set to work on arguably the greatest single addition to our publication in our short history.

Welcome to The Watchlist, MJIA’s new weekly online feature.

The Watchlist is a weekly rundown of important events going on in each of the five regions we cover: Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and Northern Africa. Our goal is to make news on world affairs more readily available. In a day and age when media outlets often ignore particular global events, MJIA aims to create a space that puts international issues in the spotlight. Each week, our dedicated staff will use their expertise and foresight to pick out what they see as the most important issues or events to keep on your radar for the week ahead. From political elections in Asia to the development and deployment of new technology in Africa, The Watchlist will bring you events of the utmost international importance and interest.

Starting October 17th, you can expect a new edition every Monday morning, the perfect way to get a head start on the week ahead. Thank you to our readers for their continued support.

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