Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I write about?

You can write about anything that has an international perspective to it. Although most of our writers prefer to write about politics, we are open to any other areas including economics, culture, businesses etc. Of course, we do have few of those pieces published in the past, which you can find in our Archive.


What are articles like?


We do wish to maintain some sort of format throughout the journals, so we have writing guides for our writers. A typical article is generally an opinionated piece that is around 1000 words long. We expect the piece to be argumentive and supported well by evidence and perspectives. Please also feel free to browse our Archive and check out our past journals if you would like a sample.


Does MJIA have regular meetings?


Yes, writers are expected to attend most of our weekly and regional meetings. Our weekly meeting takes place every Wednesday at 8pm. Our writers spend much of this time in regional meetings, which are run by our Regional Editors. This time is designed to help you develop your pieces and facilitate the editing process.

What are the responsibilities of Regional Editors?


Regional Editors are the liason between the E-board and the writers. Each writer is assigned a region, and Regional Editors design regional meetings to maintain group unity and assist writers in developing their arguments. On average, Regional Editors have 2 pieces of articles to edit per week, depending the number of writers in your region. We accept applications for Regional Editors at the beginning of each semester.