October 23, 2017

A map of the federal subjects of the Russian Federation (Source: Wikimedia Commons)


      On paper, the fifteen union republics of the USSR were equal members of a voluntary union. In reality, however, Russia dominated every aspect of political, economic, so...

 Week of October 17th

An image of Mosul, Iraq, from the Tigris river.


Student Protests in South Africa

Students in South Africa have taken to the streets in protest over the cost of university tuition. Protesters are calling for free tuition, in what they see as a l...

March 25, 2015

Mikhail Vanin, the Russian ambassador to Denmark, has warned the Danish government that, should Denmark join NATO’s collective missile defense shield, Danish ships could potentially become targets for Russian nuclear missile strikes. The Russian ambassador justified hi...

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After Jesner: How the Supreme Court Blocked Victims of International Human Rights Violations from Remedy in U.S. Courts

July 18, 2018

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