Brexit Update: The Johnson Premiership

Brexit Vote Protest, London, 19 October, 2019 If, as Harold Wilson quipped, a week in politics is a long time, then three months would constitute an eternity. This summer, after Theresa May’s long-anticipated resignation, Boris Johnson, the leader of the official Leave campaign during the 2016 referendum, won the leadership of the Conservative Party (with a membership of around 160,000 Britons) in a landslide that earned him the keys to No. 10 Downing Street. While Mr. Johnson famously promised to “do or die” in his efforts to pull Britain out of the EU by October 31st, the country now finds itself facing its third general election in five years. Even if one ignores the reality that the UK’s

Protests in Lebanon seek an end to corruption--but will a long-term solution require a complete chan

“The best long-term solution to ending corruption in Lebanon is an overhaul of the political system” In the past week, the people of Lebanon have engaged in mass protests against chronic corruption. The protests started on October 17, spurred by a tax on WhatsApp, the country’s most popular messaging device. The tax was merely the tip of the iceberg, though--discontent has been brewing for years. The effects of the protests are pervasive. In many areas, roads are shut down, work has been canceled and schools put on pause. While Lebanon has struggled to manage ethnic and religious diversity, the protests remain non-sectarian, engaging people from every region and religion in the country. They

Misplaced Faith: How President Trump’s Relationship with Kim Jong-un Degrades Denuclearization Effor

President Trump shakes hands with Kim Jong-un, June 12th 2018 The urgency of the nuclear threat posed by North Korea has once again become apparent. In the face of proposed denuclearization talks, North Korea has carried out eight rounds of missile launches since July. Meanwhile, ballistic missiles capable of striking southern Japan have recently been discovered in the country. In spite of these events, President Trump has displayed little concern. His current demeanor aligns with statements made back in July: Trump asserted that there is “plenty of time” to negotiate because he wants to “get it right”. For Trump, approaching denuclearization the right way means building an amicable relation

A Tale of Two Systems

Two million people (⅓ of Hong Kong’s population), marched on June 16th against the extradition bill. Source: Wikimedia Commons Update: In a major development, Hong Kong Chief Executive will withdraw the extradition bill that ignited the current unrest in the region. This move meets one of the major demands of protestors in Hong Kong and is a major step back from Lam’s previous hard-line condemnation of the protestors and their demands. Lam’s concessions make it increasingly difficult for the Chinese government to legitimize their harsh response to the protests, as their major demand has been met. However, the protests are no longer simply about the extradition bill, but encompass overall dis

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