Expanding Security is a Call to Arms in Kosovo

Members of the KSF (Kosovo Army). (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Decisions came from the Kosovar Parliament earlier this week to expand the country’s security forces into a full army. The decision was put forth and supported by the ethnically-Albanian leaders in Parliament, as the Serbian leaders abstained from voting on the issue. The entire region is contemplating the decision’s potential effects on peace and stability. Kosovo is a country still trying to institute itself as a sovereign nation, only recognized as independent by 54% of UN member states, Serbia, of course, not among them. Serbian leaders are opposed to Kosovo’s call to arms, and are drawing on the limits imposed by internationa

The 2018 G20 Summit

Week of December 4 The world's leaders at the 2018 G20 summit. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Africa South Africa Appoints First Female Chief Prosecutor South Africa's newest chief prosecutor is Shamila Batohi. This is the first time in the nation's history that a woman has held the role of National Director of Public Prosecutions. The role was historically suspected to have protected former President Zuma from facing legal consequences. In efforts to make government more transparent in the struggle against corruption, President Ramaphosa even broadcasted the job interviews on live television. She will face large challenges in this position during the current administration's fight against corr

China's Ethnic Minorities

Originally published in the December 2018 journal, Hanging By a Thread, page 12, cont page 40 In China’s newest “vocational education and training program,” participants are taught about vital skills in Chinese life, such as Mandarin, Chinese history and culture, and the Constitution. The camp offers free, nutritious meals, dormitories equipped with radios and TV, and participants are allowed to partake in dancing, singing, and sports contests. Defying stigmas surrounding mental health, the program also offers professional psychological counseling services and pays “high attention” to trainees’ mental health. According to Shohrat Zakir, chairman of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, in an

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