Watchlist: The Aftermath

Week of October 29 Africa Tunisian Terrorism Reignites Fear of Extremism The capital of Tunisia, Tunis, experienced a terrorist attack on Monday afternoon. A 30 year old woman with no military background blew herself up at the center of the capital. She was the only civilian killed, leaving 9 others injured. Tunisia has been in a state of emergency since 2015 when a series of terrorist attacks occurred, however this attack has been the first that was farther from the borders since the scarring 2015 attacks. Since the Arab Spring revolutions, Tunisia has been in a state of transformation into its new democracy. As one of the only successful results of the movement, Tunisia has been closely su

Watchlist: On the Border

Week of October 22 Guard posts in Panmunjom. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Africa Congolese Rebels Attack Ebola Epicenter of DRC, Killing 13 Congolese rebels attacked the epicenter of the DRC’s ebola outbreak this past Saturday, killing 13 and kidnapping a dozen children. The rebels were identified as members of the Allied Democratic Forces, a rebel group which has killed hundreds in recent years as part of an ongoing conflict against the DRC’s government. Attacks such as this have stalled efforts to combat the outbreak of ebola, as they have blocked the arrival of aid and have resulted in the deaths of medical workers. The attack came after officials of the World Health Organization announced

On Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance

Jamal Khashoggi is pictured on President Barack Obama's left during an interview in Cairo, Egypt, 2009 . (Source: Wikimedia Commons) I sat down on a Friday afternoon to type out my first piece for the Michigan Journal of International Affairs. In that piece I would be staunchly critical of the Saudi education system that I grew up with, offering about as intimate of a window into the lives of young people in Saudi Arabia as I can offer to my Michigander audience. What seems like an extremely frustrated critique on the surface is really a love letter to the world that brought me up, a distant yet affectionate call for change and reform that I never got to see before I moved away. So it should

Leader Spotlight: Evo Morales

Name: Evo Morales Country: Bolivia Title: President Party: Movimiento al Socialismo (Movement for Socialism) How he came to power: Growing up in a family of subsistence farmers, Morales quickly rose through the ranks of the campesino union with support of the active indigenous peoples movements, who comprise close to two-thirds of the population. Although the Bolivian Congress expelled him in 2002 for allegedly promoting violent protests, the Bolivian people overwhelmingly elected their first indigenous president in 2005 with 53.7% of the vote in a competitive election. Ideology: Anti-neoliberalism, indigenous populism, Bolivarism Source: Wikimedia Commons Three Recent Policy Issues: 21F: A

Watchlist: Election Edition

Week of October 8 Milorad Dodik of Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Africa Violence Disrupts Elections in Cameroon Cameroon’s presidential elections were held this Sunday, October 7. Paul Biya seeks his seventh term in office and is expected to win reelection. Violence in the country’s Anglophone (English-speaking) regions, which lie in the North-West and South-West, deterred voters from polls and threaten the integrity of the elections. The number of polling stations in these areas was reduced due to safety issues. Security shot three separatists who allegedly fired at citizens in Buea. Many registered Cameroonian voters felt too unsafe to cast their vote in these violent

In Defense of Professor Cheney-Lippold

University of Michigan Law School (Source: Wikimedia Commons) The past few weeks have been marked by contentious debate surrounding University of Michigan professor John Cheney-Lippold’s decision to decline a letter of recommendation for a student intending to study abroad in Israel. Lippold clarified in an interview with the Michigan Daily that his boycott was a political one, on the basis of support for Palestinian human rights. The University of Michigan has responded with an official statement underlining their position that the political beliefs and preferences of a faculty member should not play a role in the support they are willing to grant to students; the University has been firm i

Professor’s Boycott of Israel Reveals Personal Prejudice

University of Michigan Law School (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Professor Cheney-Lippold of the University of Michigan agreed to write a letter of recommendation for his student to study abroad, presumably because she had worked hard enough to deserve it. But when he found out that his student was planning to study at an Israeli university, he withdrew his offer. Yet, in an interview with the Michigan Daily, he denied what he described as the “perennial claim of anti-Semitism”. Perennial because, of course, Jews simply won’t stop complaining about it. The eternal Jew’s unjustified claims and everlasting accusations. In Chariots of Fire, Harold Wilson, a British Jew, describes his experience wi

Watchlist: The Best of a Bad Bunch

Week of October 1 Protestors of Jair Bolsonaro wore pins at demonstrations against his presidential candidacy last year. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Africa Sunken Ferry on Lake Victoria Last week an overloaded Tanzanian ferry, the MV Nyerere, capsized and sank on Lake Victoria killing over 200 people. The captain of the ferry was not onboard at the time, and had left control of the ship in the hands of someone not properly trained. The captain has since been arrested for allegedly carrying around 400 passengers in a ship with a capacity of 100. The MV Nyerere was traveling between Ukara and Ukerewe, two islands on the southern part of the lake. It was only 100 or 200 meters away from shore w

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