Waiting on the Landslide

Rebuilding after 2013 Typhoon Haiyan is still taking place in the Philippines today. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) In early September, Typhoon Mangkhut struck island Luzon of the Philippines, bringing with it winds of 200+ mph and floodwaters. While it struck a location shielded, in some capacity, by a mountain range, it nonetheless brought destructive winds, heavy flooding, and the threat of mudslides. Many residents of affected villages evacuated before the storm, but returned to their homes after the initial dangers subsided. The stability in the week following the typhoon was much like an interwar period, proving itself to be false in the unresolved tensions of nature. The calm that allowe

Watchlist: Military Parade Attack & Millions of Dollars Missing

Week of September 23 Fleeing the scene of the attack during the military parade in Ahwaz. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Africa Shipping Container Containing $104 Million Goes Missing On Monday, George Weah’s administration launched an investigation into missing shipping containers carrying $104 million in bank notes, meaning that 5% of Liberia’s GDP was literally misplaced. Weah quickly tried to place the blame on the Sirleaf administration that came before him, but documents show that the containers were cleared in the spring of this year, during Weah’s first term. In addition to the economic implications of the vanishing money, confidence in Liberian leadership was already fragile and this m

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