Watchlist: Orbàn Poised for Reelection

Week of February 19th Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivers a speech in Budapest (Source: Bernadett Szabo/Reuters) Africa Suicide attack hits Nigeria On Friday night, three suicide bombs hit the town of Konduga in Nigeria, killing at least 18 people and injuring over 70 others. The attacks targeted a market in the town, which is to the north east of the country. Terrorist organization Boko Haram is being accused of carrying out the bombings, though the group has not yet claimed responsibility. Boko Haram has killed over 20,000 people since they first emerged in 2009 and frequently launch suicide attacks in crowded areas, with the most recent one happening last month in a village nea

Watchlist: Zuma's Fate to be Decided Today

Week of February 12th South Africans protests against Zuma (Source: Getty Images) Africa South African President Jacob Zuma’s Fate to Be Decided Monday Since last year, sitting President Jacob Zuma has faced 783 counts of corruption charges. Zuma’s party, the African National Congress, has moved to deal with the fallout of the allegations. Zuma was replaced as Party President by Cyril Ramaphosa in December, and faced a vote of no confidence in Parliament which he narrowly survived. Two developments last week signaled the possible end of Zuma’s reign. First, Zuma was forced to postpone his State of the Nation Address to Parliament. Second, Ramaphosa stated that the ANC’s National Executive Co

Watchlist: North Korea Raises Suspicions Among Pre-Olympic Celebrations

Week of February 5th An artistic rendering of Olympic rings in PyeongChang, South Korea (Source: AP Photo/Felipe Dana) Africa Princess's Tomb Discovered in Egypt Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the tomb of a 4,400 year old princess. Discovered near Cairo, the princess is believed to be a priestess named Hetpet. The tomb was uncovered during excavations near the Great Pyramid of Giza. The walls of the tomb were covered in very well-preserved paintings depicting the princess fishing and hunting. Hetpet was priestess to Hathor, the goddess of fertility, childbirth, and love, and is believed to have lived during the Fifth Dynasty judging by the architectural design of the tomb. Egyptian

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