Watchlist: Another European Populist

Week of February 20th Dutch Politician Geert Wilders. Africa Nigerian President’s Absence Raises Concern After leaving for vacation in London, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has vanished from the public eye for nearly a month. The absence has citizens anxious about the state of their nation’s leadership. President Buhari delegated his responsibilities to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. With no definite return date given, the country waits anxiously for news of their President and his whereabouts. Conspiracy theories and hypotheses about Buhari have become commonplace anywhere from his declining health to his imminent death. His aides provided general information about, “routine medical

Watchlist: A Missile from Pyongan

Week of February 13th Julian Assange with former Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ricardo Patiño. Africa Election in Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, more commonly known as Farmajo, was elected the new president of Somalia on February 8th. His election is seen by many as a ray of hope in a country that has long been deeply embroiled in violent conflict and unrest. The Somali government is known for its corruption and its often subservient position to neighboring nations such as Ethiopia and Kenya. Farmajo, who had previously been the Prime Minister of Somalia, has dual Somali and US citizenship. The challenges facing the new Somali president include corruption, food insecurity and f

Watchlist: Raiding Yemen

Week of February 6th White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer answers questions about the U.S raid in Yemen on February 2nd. Africa African Union Endorses Collective Withdrawal From ICC​ A summit of the African Union has adopted a resolution calling for all members to withdraw from the International Criminal Court. While this resolution is non-binding, it comes soon after announcements by South Africa, Burundi, and The Gambia to leave the court. Support for the resolution, however, was not unanimous. Both Nigeria and Senegal have signaled their opposition to the withdrawal strategy. Since its establishment in 2002, the court, which is responsible for prosecuting crimes against humanity, has o

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