Watchlist: Turmoil in Turkey

Week of December 12th Chinese President, Xi Jinping. Africa Gambian President Disputes Election Results President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia has called into question the validity of their recent presidential election results, disputing the victory of opposition candidate Adama Barrow. The reaction drew criticism from international actors concerned with the country’s democratic process. Jammeh has been in power in Gambia since a coup in 1994, and subsequently won reelection campaigns in 2001, 2006, and 2011. Some of these elections drew accusations of political intimidation and various rights abuses. During his administration, the president has overseen the suppression of journalists and the many

Watchlist: Austria Says "No" to the FPÖ

Week of December 5th Yahya Jammeh, the President of The Gambia for 22 years. Africa More Marbles for Barrow Adama Barrow beat out incumbent Yahya Jammeh in The Gambia’s presidential elections last Friday, December 2nd. Barrow's election came as a surprise for most, as Jammeh had held office for over 20 years. Barrow held no previous political office and was completely unknown before beginning his campaign 6 months ago. Jammeh’s own rule began as a political coup, while Barrow was chosen to be the candidate for a coalition of several political parties intent on ending Jammeh’s tenure. Voting in The Gambia consists of placing marbles in into drums marked for the candidates and Barrow received

Europe’s Chance to Bring Order to the Refugee Crises

Refugees arriving on the shores of Greece “There can be no tolerance for those who are not ready to help, where, for legal and humanitarian reasons, help is due,” stated Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, as she stood firmly by her decision of letting Syrian, Afghan, and Iraqi refugees in the country. Whether they are called asylum seekers, refugees or immigrants, the most important thing to note is that their treacherous journey across the Mediterranean is made out of the necessity to survive. Merkel was at the forefront of formulating policy responses to the refugee crises, but the lack of support from her European counterparts worsened the situation, making the task unbearable for

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