Watchlist: Adios

Week of November 28th Fidel Castro, the former leader of Cuba. Africa Fighting in Rwenzururu Fighting broke out in Uganda between government forces and royal guards of the Rwenzururu kingdom, a somewhat autonomous region.The royal guard supports King Charles Wesley Mumbere, the tribal king of a small kingdom on the boarder of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The region is mostly comprised of Bakonzo people, an ethnic group found in both Uganda and the DRC. The kingdom was formed as a separatist movement in 1962 and there was fighting between the kingdom and Uganda until 1982, when they were given a certain level of autonomy in exchange for peace. President Museveni of Uganda

Watchlist: Peru Protests

Week of November 21 Election workers sort ballots in the 2011 Haitian elections. Africa United Nations Considers South Sudan Arms Embargo On Thursday, the United States announced that it was willing to impose an arms embargo against South Sudan as well as travel restrictions against those believed to have facilitated the increased violence. Although the United Nations Security has debated imposing an arms embargo several times since the South Sudanese Civil War broke out in 2013, no agreement has yet been reached to put one into place. Many have touted the embargo as a solution to stem the increasing flow of violence in the conflict. However, the ubiquity of weapons has led others to questio

The Islamic Evolution of Indonesia: From Moderatism to Salafist Fundamentalism

View of a November, 2016, protest in Indonesia. The interconnectivity between growing Islamic extremism across the globe cannot be disputed or underestimated. It is undeniable; a growing wave of Salafist fundamentalism is gaining traction, stemming from the battlegrounds in Syria and Iraq. The role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Ministry is crucial to understanding the rise in Salafist extremism worldwide. More specifically, the House of Saud lucratively supports fundamentalist Sunni Islam worldwide via the funding of mosques, foundations, Islamic education, and sending clerics to moderate Islamic countries to influence a Salafist agenda. As a result, Salafism – a fundamentalist mo

Watchlist: Emergency in Ethiopia

Week of November 14th View of Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. Africa Over 11,000 Arrested in Ethiopia It was announced on November 13th that over 11,000 individuals had been arrested in Ethiopia since the government, which has been in power for 25 years, imposed a six-month state of emergency in October. The state of emergency was called due to protests surrounding development plans for Addis Ababa, the capital. It is believed the plans will force farmers in surrounding areas off of their land. The state of emergency includes blocked access to social media sites and mobile Internet in the capital, curfews, and a ban on diplomats traveling farther than 40 kilometers outside of the capital w

Watchlist: Euphrates Rage

Week of November 7th Nicaragua’s president, Daniel Ortega. Africa Museveni Closes University Following Protest Following months of protests at Makerere University, President Yoweri Museveni has decided to close one of Uganda’s oldest academic institutions. Lecturers have been on strike since February, arguing their wages have been withheld by the government. Students subsequently missed months of expected education because of the strike and began to protest this past week. Police intervened violently, meeting the protesters with tear gas and water cannons. President Museveni responded to the incident by releasing a statement saying, “I have this evening ordered for immediate closure of Make

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