The Chennai Floods: A Social and Media Failure

For several weeks starting in mid-November, much of Chennai, India was underwater. The monsoon rains and subsequent flooding killed 514 people, and 28,000 were rescued from rising floodwaters. The airport, a major international hub in the region, was closed for several days due to water on the tarmacs and runways. That’s right: a city of nearly five million people was flooded, causing major devastation to the region, and you likely did not hear anything about it. As a person with family in Chennai, this isn’t just a hypothetical case of disproportionate media coverage anymore – this is personal. What is most disappointing about this situation is the fact that the international community see

Accountability in the Face of Crisis

Recent developments in Europe regarding the immigration crisis have been the cause of widespread debate and speculation as to how the European Union as an entity will respond. As more and more immigrants arrive on the shores of Europe and pass through, it is increasingly unprepared to deal with the influx. With tensions rising, it is imperative that the European Union work collaboratively to ensure that a proper plan of action is designed and implemented while also recognizing the salience of the migrant issue with regard to foreign policy and the integrity of the European Union. German Chancellor Angela Merkel used 25th anniversary of German reunification and the fall of the Berlin Wall to

Peruvian Tourism: Gateway to Prosperity or Depreciation?

Anyone who has ever paged through a National Geographic magazine, or flipped to the Travel Channel has undoubtedly seen mind-boggling images of Machu Picchu. In the images, ancient ruins pepper the land, mountains kiss the clouds, and a beaming tourist throws her arms in celebration of completing the trek. This is America’s Peru. For many Americans, and much of the Western world, Peru is a life-sized cultural playground, an exotic culture that exists for our consumption. Indeed, we are a nation of consumers, which in itself is not anything groundbreaking, or inherently troubling. Consumerism is stitched into the fabric of who we are as a free, capitalist and individualistic country, and it h

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