The Aftermath of the Paris Attacks

The repercussions of horrific events occurring this past weekend in France do not seem to stop. Since Friday when eight terrorists attacked multiple restaurants, an international friendly soccer match, and an historic concert hall that killed 129 people in total, German police discovered two bombs at an international friendly in Hannover. French and Belgian officials have conducted a manhunt targeting the eighth member of the plot, Salah Abdelslam, and many others associated with the terrorists involved in planning the attacks. France has asked for a three-month state of emergency and has ramped up attacks on the Islamic State (ISIS). The shocking nature of these events and the various links

A Time to Act

The haunting clouds of genocide loom over the African nation of Burundi. Dark and ominous they sit over that country, ready to let loose their bloody drops at any moment. The eyes of the world have begun to focus upon this threatening front, issuing words of warning and calls for action. Yet, as more bodies appear on the streets of the capital, Bujumbura, and more innocent civilians flee their homes, no definitive course has been set by the international community. World leaders failed to act in Bosnia, they failed to act in Rwanda, and the continued carnage in Syria seems to indicate a failure there as well. Here, now, in the nation of Burundi is an opportunity for some redemption, an oppor

Brazil is Digging its Own Grave

Many years ago, Brazil presented an opportunity for investors. Many signs within the Brazilian economy reflected positive trends that appealed to stakeholders; mainly, the nation’s GDP skyrocketed by 7.5% in 2010, its highest growth rate in 24 years. Brazil was also attractive to investors because it possesses a unique abundance of natural resources. Notably, the nation is self-sufficient in oil, signifying that it belongs as a major player in the global market. While Brazil’s oil production was a primary asset in its attempts to legitimize itself within the global economy, its prized enterprise has actually generated negative worldwide attention. Currently, Brazil is recovering from the hum

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