What is Unnecessary and Costs $40 Billion?

Around 100 years ago, the first cargo ship made its way from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean by traveling through the newly completed Panama Canal. Pulitzer-prize winning author David McCullough claims that the 52-mile canal is “one of the supreme human achievements of all time, the culmination of a heroic dream of over four hundred years and more than twenty years of phenomenal effort and sacrifice.” The waterway has become one of the most significant trade routes in the world, with nearly $270 billion worth of goods being carried through the canal each year, reducing transit distances and costs by great amounts. Chinese infrastructure firm HKND believes that more can be done. The fi

The New Special Relationship? China Cozies Up with the United Kingdom

The recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the United Kingdom was greeted by familiar pomp and circumstance. A visit with the royal family, a trip to the Imperial College London, and several, well-documented strolls with British Prime Minister David Cameron were among the highlights of Xi’s tour. While the external markers of Xi’s state visit were familiar, the achievements and response of his UK tour mark a shift in UK-China relations. UK promotion of the internationalization of the yuan signals an increased British enthusiasm to cooperate with China’s vision of economic statecraft. British alignment with Chinese efforts to increase its regional and global significance is a direc

Seeing is Believing: China Looks for Answers Above with the World’s Largest Telescope

Despite the recent downfall of the Chinese economy, China is still holding firm in its scientific progress. Take for example FAST (Five-hundred meter, Aperture, Spherical, Telescope), a massive engineering and scientific project taken on by China’s military-led space program. Researchers say when completed, FAST will be able to detect radio signals from as far as “tens of billions of light years away”(CNN). Construction The FAST project began in 2011 at an ideal location in the Guizhou province. FAST’s construction in the middle of the magnificent Karst Mountains in southern China allows for little to no interference from other radio signals. Spanning 30 football fields, FAST will surpass Pu

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