The Real Greek Problem

“There is no Greece problem; there is a European problem.” For the past five years Greece has been facing a financial downturn. With Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ assertion regarding conflicts in his administration’s negotiations with the European Union over Greece’s financial situation in mind, Athens needs to remember that domestic political and social issues need to be addressed just as urgently as the debt issue. Therefore, there is in fact a “Greece problem”. Firstly, there needs to be a change to domestic politics in Greece. Greece’s domestic problems may inhibit its ability to resolves its economic issues. As Pavlos Eleftheriadis of Foreign Affairs stated, Greece has a top-down syste

Treading Water: What Cyclone Pam Reveals about the Climate Change Threat in Oceania

Earlier this month, Cyclone Pam tore across the Pacific Ocean, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. One of the worst hit nations was Vanuatu, a tropical archipelago of 80 islands located northwest of Australia. At least 11 people were killed and as much as 90% of the country’s housing stock was damaged by the storm. As the leaders of Vanuatu and other nations affected by the cyclone begin discussing reconstruction, they are also sharing concerns about another pressing issue: climate change. As he rushed home to deal with Pam’s aftermath, President of Vanuatu Baldwin Lonsdale told reporters “Climate change is contributing to the disaster in Vanuatu”. While it is impossible to link clim

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